Be a good Digital Citizen

Digital Citizenship has recently become the hot topic. And with little wonder. BYOD means more and more children have their own personal laptops not only at school but at home – in their bedroom, on the sofa, and whilst eating their supper.
Not only that, an increasing number of people have more digital technology in their pocket, than the average home computer had a few years ago.
So what is digital citizenship?
TKI defines it as;

The ongoing changes in technology and the way it is used means all staff, students, and the wider community need to know how to model responsible behaviours as successful digital citizens in real-world contexts.

Wikipedia define it as;

Digital citizenship is a term that describes how a person should act while using digital technology online and has also been defined as “the ability to participate in society online”. The term is often mentioned in relation to Internet safety and netiquette.

Here is a short video that introduces the idea. It is from google but never mind I just quoted Wikipedia! I am sure a few boys will pull me up on it next week.

Lisa Trundley-Banks