Holiday Teen Fest

I have never been so tired! I started the holidays with a need to sleep, eat and read – much of this I managed to do without moving from my chair in the kitchen. The books had to right. I love Kate Atkinson so I started there – it was far too dark for my tired brain.

Flicking through I found Paper Towns by Jojohn+green+bookshn Green.

I didn’t look up for hours. I finished this ‘page turner’ in two days and then embarked on Looking for Alaska followed by A Fault in our Stars.¬†Three books in seven days! All by John Green. I had to stop there because I didn’t want to go to school to get the others out of the library. But Will Grayson is being read this weekend.

I loved them all.

Paper Towns is a bit of a mystery. Quentin Jacobsen, known as Q has been in love with the girl next door as long as he can remember. The girl next door, Margot is ‘uber-cool’ and a bit of a bad-ass. They are tied together by a grisly event from their childhood; they find a dead man in their local park. Anyway, Q and Margot spend a night together righting a few wrongs and then she vanishes. This happens just when you have become fascinated enough with her character and want to know what she will do next. Q and his geeky mates try to find her.

Margo always loved mysteries. And in everything that came afterward, I could never stop thinking that maybe she loved mysteries so much that she became one.

The characters were recognisable – I see many Q’s, Radar’s and Ben’s in the library everyday. I laughed out loud and commiserated with them, the teenage angst¬† leapt of the page and kept me entertained from start to finish.

Next, I read Looking for Alaska. Green wasted no time in getting me hooked. Miles or Pudge as he is renamed, leads a sad existence with no friends. It all changes when he goes to boarding school in Alabama. He meets Alaska on his first day there. Again, Green creates a female character who is fascinatingly clever, funny, sexy and screwed up! Of course Miles fall in love but this is not a love story by any means. I was hooked for two reasons.

Firstly, the book is on countdown to ?? It starts on ‘One Hundred and Thirty-Six Days Before’ and I had to find out as fast as possible what was going to happen. Secondly, Miles has memoreised famous people’s last lines and the novel is peppered with them – in fact the last line of the novel is Thomas Edison’s last words:

It’s very beautiful over there.

Miles doesn’t know where, ‘there’ is but is full of hope and knows it is beautiful somewhere. I loved his hope, and how he breaks all the rules and how the novel tackles the idea of invincible teenagers.

I did not want to read The Fault in our Stars as Hazel, the main character has terminal character and I hate crying when I read as my sons laugh at me. But I was having a John Green reading fest so I took a deep breath and got on with it. And how glad I am that I did. I tweeted after page 25, I think – Geez #johngreen I won’t be able to finish the book for all the crying. But I laughed too. And although the book is about cancer and is also about teenagers living their lives and all the dramas that are so funny – when you are an adult. It was my favourite of the three and I can’t wait until the movie is released.

Check out this link: to see live footage from the filming. The film is set for release on June 6 2014.

Now I am off to hide in the library to read Will Grayson…see you in two days.